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PF PLANNED MASS ARRESTS…judges had been already picked to move verdicts – Police assets


PF PLANNED MASS ARRESTS…judges had been already picked to move verdicts – police assets

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone

SENIOR safety officials have published that excluding the arrest of President Hakainde Hichilema as promised through Edgar Lungu, some conventional leaders, newshounds and different voters had been going to be arrested if PF had gained the August 12 elections.

The assets published that this journalist, News Diggers editor-in-chief Joseph Mwenda, Free Press Initiative (FPI) founder Joan Chirwa, previously The Mast managing editor, Mongu’s Lloyd Kapusa and others had been to be picked up quickly after the elections.

But former house affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo disassociated himself from the allegations announcing he by no means managed the police and referred the entirety to the Inspector General of Police. For his section former IG Kakoma Kanganja described the allegations as pretend information from officials seeking to be recognised through the UPND executive.

“And to show a semblance of the rule of law and democracy, people like Gary Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa and other vocal senior UPND officials were to be let free so that they put up a fruitless legal battle against the arrests to appease the donor community. The US Embassy in Lusaka was to be put in check with regards to its comments over the would be arrests in what the PF called ‘ambassador Foote check-list’ (in reference to Daniel Foote who was recalled in 2019 after a dispute with the PF government),” the assets published. “Apart from yourself, Mr M’membe, one Joan Chirwa, Christopher Miti (based in Chipata), Ernest Chanda and a female journalist Ms Chakwe (Masuzyo) were all to be detained under seditious laws.”

The assets added that others at the record had been Prime TV’s Kapusa who filmed Hakainde Hichilema’s woodland break out in Sesheke all the way through a by-election in 2019 which was once gained through UPND’s Romeo Kangombe.

The officials additionally published that Fumba Chama popularly referred to as Pilato, Laura Miti who had been arrested in Livingstone in December 2019 was once to turn that Southern Province was once a safety hotspot intended to channel police consideration to the world.

The assets indicated that the arrest of Ackson Sejani, senior leader Mukuni’s spouse Veronica, and 3 others over the Hatembo’s ‘abduction’ had been all operations geared toward making sure vocal other people towards the PF had been caged earlier than August 2021, including that Mukuni’s spouse was once a entice to smoke out the standard chief who was once regarded as in hiding.

Other other people PF deliberate to arrest had been chiefs Mukuni, Hamusonde, Monze, Socialist Party president Dr Fred M’membe and now house affairs everlasting secretary Josephs Akafumba.

The assets additionally published that different senior vocal UPND officers reminiscent of Neto Halwabala had been going to be arrested.

“Mr Mbulo, you won’t know that Mr Paul Sensele was once requested over the authenticity of your tales attributed to him. Fortunately, he did

inform the police CID-Os (legal investigations division officials) that he did factor no matter you wrote towards the PF and the then head

of state Edgar Lungu,” the assets endured. “The idea was, had he refused to respond you were to be immediately picked up by police and transferred out of Livingstone and get a charge of publishing false information and defamatory statements against then president Lungu with strict orders of excessive torture.”

When reached for his model of items, Sensele, a former Livingstone district commissioner and now an NDC member of the central committee, stated receiving calls from the police previous to August 12, 2021 over tales attributed to him in The Mast through this journalist.

“All the people we have talked of were also to be arrested in August 2021, in some early hours as soon as Edgar Lungu was declared winner. The arrests were to be carried out at around 03:00 hours and police officers were monitoring yours and their movements,” the assets stated.

They stated The Mast and Diggers had been to be in an instant close down as they had been all seen as being a risk to nationwide safety and that they had been clones of The Post.

“Mr Mbulo and all of your fellows together with now President Hichilema you’re fortunate that Lungu misplaced; or we’d be speaking of a tragic information now

and not anything or no person was once going to do the rest. It was once smartly deliberate and the judges had been already picked to move your verdict. Sadly, it will had been a lifestyles sentence or worse,” stated the assets.

But when contacted, fast previous house affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo stated he didn’t keep watch over the police.

“Ah! Now how do I come in like that?” he requested.

Reminded he was once house affairs minister then, Kampyongo stated the one that may disclose such data was once the present minister.

“At the time you are saying I had already been, as you know three months before elections no one remains in office. So, it should be born in mind that the best person who can answer about the Ministry of Home Affairs, anything to do with that…” stated Kampyongo. “And in any case the minister doesn’t control the police. So, the best person who can answer that is probably the Inspector General (of Police) because the minister even the current minister, I don’t think he micro-manages the police. I doubt if he could be the best person. The best would be the Inspector General.”

But addressing Masala citizens and marketeers who accumulated as then president Lungu toured the marketplace and the close by properties on February 9, 2018, Kampyongo bragged that he was once answerable for the police and that once one noticed police appearing, they must know that he was once at the back of it.

“We don’t have size. Even if you say forward [UPND slogan] and go back, reverse. Ala ifwe tatwakwata na (we do not have) size. You insult Kateka, twalonga, e ncito twaishiba ifwe (you insult the President, we arrest, that’s the job we know). One Zambia, One Nation,” stated Kampyongo. “When you see [then Copperbelt police commissioner] Charity Katanga acting, know that Kampyongo is behind [it]. That is the football we play, us. Those foreigners who come and do other things, immigration comes in, then you know it’s me. When we come to Ndola to clean, I know there are a lot of confused chaps here, I will come to clean very soon….”

Meanwhile, former inspector normal of police Kakoma Kanganja demanded to understand which senior officials divulged the ideas.

“That’s fake news. Which senior officers told you that?” he requested.

When knowledgeable that it was once unethical “for us to disclose our sources of information”, Kanganja stated it was once pretend information.

“That is very fake news. What seditious material did you have? Brush it aside, that’s fake news. These are officers who are trying to be recognised, just forget about them. Please just rubbish it. That’s nonsense. Thank you,” stated Kanganja.