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PF Abandons Former President Lungu- Chanda John Chimba


Chanda John Chimba wrote

Just a few weeks ago, when you hear that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is attending mass at a certain church( when he was still president) let’s say the Church service starts at 9hrs.

The church would be full to capacity by 7:50 hrs, it will be full with not its usual members but full of political figures, ministers, permanent secretaries, party officials and PF caders.

Today, a notice was issued that the Former President would be at church in Chainda, what I saw almost made me cry, the only people who were with him are his wife, his body guards, Hon Nkandu Luo and Hon Nakachinda. At least the Press covered him fully, I saw almost all big media houses, but what made me feel so bad is I didn’t see the usual politicians who would even want to kneel down just to shake his hand after church service.

I didn’t see any political officials from PF, I didn’t see the SG Davis Mwila or even Samuel Mukupa, these are the people who would follow the Former President everywhere, the caders we would see following him around where nowhere to be seen today, I with Chilu CB where probably the only supporters from PF who where there with him.

one thing I have learnt is this, people are only there for us when it’s beneficial to them, they will show us love, smiles and all sorts of good things not knowing all they want is not us, but the power or benefits they get from us. Life lessons, I have learnt .

I am learning these lessons daily, we need to be careful with those who we bring close to us, I think President Lungu has learnt to, it might be too late but we have learnt from his lessons.