Pearl Thusi on being shown love by South Africans now after many years of acting

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Pearl Thusi

Though she’s been doing the most up on the TV screens, Pearl Thusi revealed she was only truly valued as an actress after securing an international gig.

Pearl may be one of the country’s top actresses at the moment, however, in February, Pearl expressed that South Africans only took her seriously after she co-starred in the US drama series Quantico.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Pearl said one of her biggest disappointments was only being valued after securing an international gig.

“It saddens me that the only time I truly became valued as an actor in SA was after I got an international gig. That disappointment only accelerated my drive to build a more spirited African entertainment industry.”

While it was tough for her to get where she was today, Pearl emphasises her passion to help the younger generation through some valuable advice.

“I find that younger people are often undermined, and I do not want to be a part of that. I have been where they are now when you are young and trying to find yourself. I don’t feel older, but I have a lot of experience and it’s my duty to share. I am embracing that.

“I may reach ‘has-been’ status, but you just have to be comfortable with where you are. There are always going to be fresh people coming in. The most important thing is to offer support and remember: indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili [the journey ahead is guided by those who have travelled it before].”

Though she might feel like she is only valued and respected by SA now, before the national lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, Pearl had tongues wagging for her role on Queen Sono.

Aiming to inspire a “new generation of kick-ass women” with her role as Queen Sono, Pearl played a no-nonsense spy, in the six-part action series.

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere in February, Pearl expressed how grateful she was of the love she had been receiving from around the world for the series and her role in it.

With her character based on demonstrating the power of strong black African women, Pearl said, “I have always been the face of the strong black African woman. It is not new to me. This series is reflecting all the women in Africa, strong black African women.

“There’s no such thing as a woman who is black and not strong, same with Africa. Maybe sometimes we just need to realise it.”


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