Passion Java Warns YouTubers Over His Videos

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Passion Java warns YouTubers who posted his videos without his approval.

Flamboyant and public relations savvy religious leader Prophet Passion Java has announced that he intends to file copyright infringement violations against YouTubers and individuals on Facebook over his videos.

In a post on his Facebook page, Java urged Youtubers and individuals on Facebook to remove all his videos from their accounts or face a copyright infringement strike.

Java said:

Java recently announced that he will be off social media until the 9th of July. In his absence, Boss Lashaan will be now running all his accounts on social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

He said during this time that he will be away, his Instagram account will be running a social media campaign that could see some people possible netting hundreds of United States Dollars.

The threat by Java was met by disapproval by some of his followers on Facebook with some also accusing him of sharing videos by other prominent individuals without their approval.

Followers accused Java of posting United Family International leader Emmanuel Makandiwa’s videos without the later’s approval.

Here are some of the responses to Java’s threat below:

Charles Maramba Ummmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔I don’t think you’re at that level bro.its okay to take it slow and the fame you are craving for will come when the time is right. You don’t really have to force it to be honest.

Sammy Jo Did Makandiwa give you permission to post his videos.

Kue Dah Chikutu Passion kune group rinonzi Mvenge Mvenge wish u could join that group it suits u very well kna Mudiwa ariko…

Munge Wachira Prophet we see you are also scoffing at the man of God Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and posting his videos.

Why are you doing that? 🤔 Why not also take down his videos?


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