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Passion Java “Twabam” Responds to Interview lies allegation

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An old interview video of Passion Java in Jamaica surfaced and went viral on social media as many questioned the authenticity of what he said in the video.

Many felt it was a lie and the Gaffa was sure to make things clear. Though his house may not have been exactly next door to Mugabe’s, it was definitely in the wealthy neighbourhood as he shed light that he could actually see “the blue roof” Mugabe’s house from his balcony.

Twabam has never been shy of controversy on social media he is always sure to take it head-on and prevail. That’s just his style where other men of cloth reserve to comment or keep to themselves different matters, Twabam prefers to be heard as this resonates with the younger audience who he is a role model to.

Passion Java often interacts with the Zim dance hall artists and youths. It seems to be a very good strategy as the young who lack guidance get to look up to a positive role model who does not encourage destructive ways, but godly ways in the manner they can relate to.

Here is Passion Java’s response to the viral interview comments:

Here is the interview:

Was it a white lie or people are talking utter nonsense. Let us know in the comments.