P0RN HUB offers free services to Coronavirus affected people?

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Coronavirus p0rn

P0RN HUB offers free services to Coronavirus affected people. In a press release shared on Thursday, P0rnhub revealed it’ll donate proceeds from the Modelhub platform after the European country implemented a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a surprising twist, the world’s biggest p0rn hub is offering free access to its premium service to people who live in Italy who are stuck at home due to a coronavirus lockdown. The free services will last for three weeks and will last until April 3.

The announcement reads: ‘Forza Italia, We love you! P0nHub has decided to donate its percentage revenue from ModelHub platform from March to help Italy during the outbreak.

‘To help you during these weeks at home, for the whole months you can access PornHub Premium free of charge, with no need of using your credit card’, reports the Daily Mail

Launched in 2007, the platform – which is currently the world’s biggest p0rn site – was used 42 billion times last year, and boasted 115 million daily visitors. Italy ranked seventh in Pornhub’s top 20 countries by traffic in 2019, with the US, Japan and the UK taking the first three spots.

Earlier in the month, it was reported that p0rn sites have been cashing in on the coronavirus outbreak, with the platforms posting films of people having s.e.x in hazmat suits in a twisted new trend. Videos titled ‘Deserted Wuhan’ and ‘TSA Agent Details Woman Suspected of Coronavirus’ are among others that have been appearing on their pages.

The kooky clips feature actors in hazmat suits, face masks or hospital gowns engaging in s.e.xual intercourse in what looks like medical facilities. At least 125,000 patients have been infected and 4,000 have died worldwide since the outbreak began last December.

The virus has been spreading between humans in four continents since February 28, the WHO has admitted. The killer coronavirus rapidly spreading around the world can survive in the air for three hours, scientists have found.

US government researchers, who worked with other experts, also found the deadly infection can live on surfaces for up to three days. Tests showed the virus can survive on copper for four hours, cardboard for an entire day and up to 72 hours on plastic and steel.

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