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Own Your Throne, Boity’s reality show comes to an end #BoityOwnYourThrone

Boity, Boity Expresses Disgust in Euphonik

On Wednesday, April 29 viewers will bid farewell to one of the most loved reality shows on TV, “Boity Thulo: Own Your Throne. Boity: Own Your Throne” which was launched in February on BET, trended each week on Twitter and gave its audience an exclusive look into the rapper’s life in her quest to leave a lasting legacy. In this inaugural season, cameras followed the rapper’s musical and spiritual journey and a beautiful mother/daughter relationship, with mom Modiehi Thulo often taking the limelight.

Viewers were also introduced to the dramatic Bobby Blanco, Boity’s very calm manager Bash and the two beautiful fluffy Pomeranian puppies Asante and Sana also made a few appearances in the show.

In the season finale Boity and her mom will take viewers on a journey as they share some of the most memorable moments from the show, the highs the lows, tears and the drama. Boity’s fans took to social media to express their love for the show.