Our campaign message was about one person, we are sorry- PF’s Samuel Mukupa

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Our campaign message was about one person, we are sorry- PF

PF National Chairperson Samuel Mukupa has admitted that his party was petty and scandalous to one individual.

“But I want us to remember this: that our campaign message should not have been perceived as being about one person. This is in reference to President-elect Hakainde Hichilema whom the PF called a satanist and a crook.

“To You Mr President ,Mr President, forgive us. We made this campaign in the best interest of the structural achievements and with little emphasis on the benefits that have accrued to the wonderful people of Zambia for whom you dedicated your energies and focus, and this has cost you tremendously. We are extremely sorry.”

“Now is the time to introspect, consolidate and solidify what we have so easily let go of. There is not much time to put our house in order and thus the work starts now so that we can be a really credible and formidable opposition worthy of our late founder and President, Michael Chilufya Sata King Cobra, from today onwards.This is not the time to stop and start licking our wounds. We are therefore all being called to be sober-minded, focused and have the courage to admit our mistakes and set about strategies to correct them. We owe that to ourselves and to the people of Zambia.Yes, I repeat, we have all made mistakes – but the good thing is that we have the ability to set things right – and be the voice of the people as a formidable opposition party. Let us not squander this great opportunity and find ourselves joining the archives of failed political parties! We are going to rise again! President Obama once said, ‘take your anger to the ballot box’. ”

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