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Oskido’s “I Blame AKA” on DJ Zinhle’s huge success and more


Oskido, a veteran DJ and House music expert, was a guest on MacG’s Podcast And Chill, and he dropped some serious jewels. The music producer and DJ Zinhle have always been close, and part of her success should be attributed to Oskido – as well as her incredible talent.

When you think about DJ Zinhle, Oskido should be one of the first five people who comes to mind. On MacG’s podcast, Oskido lauded Zinhle.

He talked about all the folks he used to work with and the people he used to lower the ladder for. DJ Tira, DJ Maphorisa, Heavy K, Zonke, and, of course, DJ Zinhle are among them.

MacG recalled bringing DJ Zinhle to the studio when he was still working on radio at YFM. MacG described Zinhle as a tomboy who never wore make-up. According to Oskido, when Zinhle met AKA, she began to wear make-up and dress more like a pretty lady.

“That one was a tomboy. Zinhle has only recently begun to wear makeup. I believe AKA is the one… Zinhle used to dislike make-up, which I blame on AKA. When she was dating AKA, she suddenly got a make-up artist “Oskido, who then laughed along with MacG, stated.

Oskido went on to say that this was possibly due to Zinhle working at SAB with a lot of boys, which is why she was probably tomboyish.

Oskido also praised Zinhle for being a marketing genius while working as a SAB promoter. When she first began out, she would book Oskido to perform at parties, and she would also hang out with Black Coffee, Zakes (Zakhele’s eldest brother), and the others. That’s how they got to know one other as a buddy and mentor. When Zinhle felt it was time to leave her work, where she was earning between R15 000 and R18 000 per month, she sought advise from Oskido.

“What do I do?” Zinhle asked Oskido, and then he told her to just pursue her dreams, which she did, and the rest is history.

Zinhle’s determination and enthusiasm for Deejaying, according to Oskido, is what propelled her to become the force that she is today.

DJ Zinhle also brought about some beneficial change in Oskido’s life, which he described as disorganized at the time. She hired a manager named Nomndeni, who altered his life.

DJ Zinhle also praised Oskido on her reality show, saying that he gave her R200 000 for her first pregnancy because he was concerned about her profession. She was going to tell him about her second pregnancy when she flashed back to the moment she told him about Kairo. “I feel like it’s so difficult to tell everyone that I’m a fifty-thousand-year-old who’s pregnant… he was nice with me when I told him I was pregnant with Kairo, and he even offered me money,” she explained. “When I told him I was pregnant, he offered me a lot of money, perhaps R200 000.” “I think he was just concerned,” she explained.

MacG questioned Zinhle about this, and he admitted that he was concerned because the people in her DJing school were no longer paying that much, and she had to maintain a flat as well as cancel concerts for around 3 months, which meant losing money.


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