Press Release

Sunday twenty seventh September 2020


The Opposition alliance companions the day before today held a joint press briefing on the UPND secretariat HQ in Lusaka.

The presser was once attended by means of individuals from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) celebration individuals headed by means of NDC National Spokesperson Saboi Imboela, and the United Party For National Development (UPND) individuals.

The UPND, via honourable Gertrude Imenda, expressed interested in what was once going down within the nation and stated even making a song the National Anthem didn’t make sense any longer.

Hon. Imenda stated that the individuals who sing victors within the battle of independence when making a song the nationwide anthem aren’t victors however sufferers.

Hon. Imenda who known as for a minute of silence to turn cohesion for incarcerated UPND deputy SG Mr. Patrick Mucheleka, who’s in jail after he was once arrested all over the by means of election in Lukashya, stated it was once a disgrace for the Patriotic Front celebration to say victory in an election which was once marred with corruption.

She stated there was once not anything to be proud about PF being loose when the opposite individuals are in jail on faux allegations.

Hon. Imenda stated that it will be excellent to switch some phrases of the nationwide anthem. ‘Instead of saying free men we stand, people should be saying freely we stand, because we are all not men,’ she stated.

She has since known as at the other people to get united announcing harmony of objective was once the energy.

‘Once the people get united, the country will be liberators again from the hands of the PF that are holding Zambian as a country hostage, economically and politically,’ hon. Imenda stated.

She stated that a few of the problems that the folk have with the PF is that they’ve started the rigging procedure for 2021 elections which is uncalled for in a democratic nation.

She noticed that the method of rigging started with the NDF the place they got here up with the invoice 10.

She classified Bill 10 toxic as it seeks to switch positive clauses to permit President Edgar Lungu to face by myself.

She stated the PF need the Ministers to stay in place of job whilst the campaigns are in consultation.

She puzzled how an bizarre individual may marketing campaign with the minister who was once contesting for a similar seat if the ministers would nonetheless be allowed to make use of state assets to marketing campaign.

She stated the PF had rigged the issuance of the NRCs which began of their strongholds the place NRCs have been issued even to foreigners.

She stated one of the vital greatest issues that the folk had towards the PF was once the verdict to introduce the web Voter registration.

She feels this procedure will lead the PF to eliminate the citizens for the opposition of their strongholds.

She suggested the folk to reject the plans for the PF to convey the web voter registration as a result of it will help the PF to rig the elections and she or he reminded them that Zambia does now not belong to the PF.

She noticed that the worst factor the PF needs to do, which the ladies must now not permit, is the theory of in need of to arrest perceived opposition leaders.

She stated the NDC chief Dr Chishimba Kambwili has many circumstances which can be all manufactured by means of the PF. ‘Dr Kambwili is always in court every week, the courts have become his second home and office. The PF is doing all this because they don’t need to see the NDC chief mobilising his political celebration and campaigning for the opposition alliance when ever we now have by-elections and rallies. Similarly, the Movement for Multi Party Democracy celebration President, Dr. Nevers Mumba has been summoned to the police for wondering the way in which the election was once performed in Lukashya. We have won intel that the machine needs to mend Dr Nevers Mumba by means of giving him tramped up fees when he studies to the police station this week. As the Alliance companions we need to guarantee Dr Mumba that we’re with him in prayers,’ she stated.

As for the UPND chief President Hakainde Hichilema, hon. Imenda stated the UPND nonetheless recall how the PF brought about his arrest on visitors offenses as despite the fact that he was once the only riding.

She stated not too long ago, the PF sought after to arrest HH over the sale of decrease Zambezi, gassing problems and now at the factor of privatization.

She puzzled why the federal government had backed other people to name for the investigation of HH’s involvement within the privatization of belongings previously 25 years.

She additionally stated in Monze, when President Lungu was once booed, the police sought after to have HH arrested.

She stated each and every time one thing came about within the nation, the ladies and the youths have been the worst hit sufferers of the PF mischief.

She counseled the media for being robust and resilient as a result of they have been working underneath adverse atmosphere.

She recommended the media to stay skilled regardless of the laborious instances they discovered themselves in.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) celebration spokesperson Saboi Imboela recommended the folk to emulate the UPND and NDC operating dating which resulted in the victory in Roan constituency by- election when the 2 events voted Honourable Joseph Chishala because the NDC first Member of parliament.

Ms. Imboela stated the theory of issuing National Registration Cards in stages was once suspicious and recommended the folk to reject the theory.

She stated when it was once within the PF strongholds, the entirety went on really well. But after they moved to perceived opposition provinces, the machine is already giving issues.

She stated the segment one NRC Mobile Registration for the opposition is blended with the web voter registration and that is inflicting nice suspicions.

She stated the PF aren’t handiest doing violence at the streets, however that the fad has modified and at the moment are following the sufferers of their houses.

She stated it isn’t a good suggestion for the federal government to motive the arrest of opposition leaders in a democratic nation.

She stated the opposition can’t have the rallies since the PF is sending the police to chase them.

And NDC Lusaka provincial chairperson for ladies Affairs Madam Maureen Sense expressed gratitude that there’s an alliance in position and the individuals are operating and starting to paintings in combination.

Madam Sense appealed to UPND chief President Hakainde Hichilema and his NDC counterpart Dr. Chishimba Kambwili to turn the folk that the alliance will paintings.

Madam Sense stated the ladies need trade and the folk that assist to switch must be championed by means of Dr Kambwili and Hichilema.

She is satisfied past cheap doubt that Mr. Hichilema and Dr Kambwili will make Zambia a greater position for the entire other people to are living.

She recommended the ladies in all provinces to paintings laborious and make certain that the folk perceive they’re president makers.

She stated the folk underneath estimating the alliance can be doing it at their very own peril.

Mrs. Sense stated the alliance is actual as it’s exhibited by means of assembly ladies that amassed lately on the UPND Secretariat to specific their displeasure at the fallacious issues which the PF is doing to the folk of Zambia.

Meanwhile, NDC Lusaka Provincial treasurer, Mary Mwape criticized the PF for failing to play truthful of their dealings.

Mrs. Mwape stated the PF have persevered to satisfy all over this era amidst COVID-19 but if the opposition aren’t being allowed to satisfy.

She stated even in markets any person who is located dressed in purple or orange are being chased and feature had their retail outlets now not handiest closed but additionally demolished.

UPND Provincial chairperson answerable for management Alice Muuka Chona disclosed that the ladies aren’t pleased with the web voter registration.

Mrs. Muuka feels the folk in provinces won’t come up with the money for to check in and if the machine is authorized to continue, it’ll save you many from balloting.

She stated the web voter registration will seat at the proper of the folk in villages as they can’t come up with the money for to check in to vote within the coming election.

She additionally disclosed that during puts the place NRCs are being given, the DCs are supervising the workout.

She stated the primary precedence is given to PF individuals whilst those that aren’t identified to them are ignored.

She recommended the Electoral Commission Of Zambia (ECZ) to revert to the outdated machine of registration to permit extra other people to check in as citizens within the coming election.

UPND Lusaka District Chairperson Regina Phiri puzzled why all PF individuals are speaking about arresting opposition leaders.

Mrs. Phiri is especially now not satisfied that even President Edgar Lungu was once available to advertise the message of department within the nation.

She suggested the President to take away the theory of in need of to arrest Mr. Hichilema and Dr. Kambwili or every other leaders within the opposition.

She regretted that each and every time the PF meets they speak about the theory of looking for offenses which can make them arrest the opposition leaders.

She warned that are supposed to the federal government dare arresting any of the leaders, the police must move by means of the ladies in beginning fits for each UPND and NDC.

Mrs. Phiri additional suggested Mumbi Phiri to forestall speaking in regards to the UPND and NDC leaders. That she is going to face an equivalent response from the ladies if she does now not forestall.

She recommended President Lungu to paintings on problems with nationwide construction than plotting to seek out faults within the opposition leaders.

She stated this time round, the ladies won’t sit down by means of and watch the police, underneath the directions from the PF, arrest the 2 opposition leaders.

Lusaka District Vice chairperson answerable for politics Christine Bwalya Chata recalled the struggling the ladies are going via within the nation underneath the PF.

She stated whilst ladies and youngsters are those struggling, a handful of the PF are taking advantage of the stolen nationwide useful resource.

She stated nearly all of the individuals are failing to shop for Mealie meal however the ones in PF are affording the use of stolen cash.

She recommended the folk to be cautious of the issue the PF is inflicting to the rustic.

Issued by means of: NDC Media Department celebration HQ