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Olinda Chapel Roasts Twitter Troll Shadaya Tawona

Olinda Chapel

Olinda Chapel has clapped back at Shadaya Tawona following his twitter mockery.

Shadaya is a comedian, who runs an Instagram page dedicated to posting funny memes decided to throw serious shade at Olinda.

Olinda seems to not have taken the comedian’s insults lightly and in a new video has thrown some serious shade at Shadaya.

In the video, Olinda can be heard mocking Shadaya.

“your nostrils…..we need to pray for you because if you catch coronavirus and sneeze, you will infect the whole of Zimbabwe. Please help us by quarantining that lad at the army barracks otherwise we are in soup….,”


In Other News…Olinda Blasts Ginimbi For Not Using His Money For Coronavirus Relief

Olindah Chapel and Ginimbi

Coronavirus has ravaged the world and celebs have been coming together and giving whatever they can to help the masses weather the pandemic.

Zim celebs have been deathly silent on donating anything to the cause. Genius Ginimbi Kadungure, one of Zim’s richest men has taken to Instagram to host twerking parties and giving strangers a lot of money for it.

His first winner, and American dancer walked away with $1000, the second a woman from South Africa walked away with R40 000…CONTINUE READING…