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Officers who killed 2 people in Lusaka should be prosecuted for murder, LAZ urges IG

Police brutality

THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has disclosed that it’s engaging relevant stakeholders to make sure that responsible officers who killed two innocent people are prosecuted for murder.

This follows the death of a National Prosecution’s Authority prosecutor Nsama Nsama and a suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) supporter who were yesterday morning shot dead in unclear circumstances.

In a media statement issued by LAZ honorary secretary Sokwani Chilembo says LAZ also will determine other action lawfully hospitable it so as for it to play its part in arresting a transparent affront and assault within the rule of law and therefore the right to life.

Mr Chilembo said LAZ has condemned within the strongest terms possible, the killing of two innocent citizens by police who used live ammunition to disperse crowd gathered to support the leader of opposition UPND who was summoned by police.

“LAZ has not seen any justification for the utilization of live ammunition against members of the general public who were unharmed. Sadly, it’s now become fashionable within the country for cops to use live ammunitions to regulate public gatherings leading to killings, “Mr Chilembo said.

He further said the utilization of live ammunition also goes against international tenants for effective policing and control adding that the proper to assemble is guaranteed under the Constitution.

Mr Chilembo has also called on the police command to inspire public confidence by ensuring that officers aren’t wont to aggravate a charged political atmosphere because the country draws closer to the election.

“LAZ involves a full investigation to work out not only who it had been that issued the command for live ammunition to be used but also to determine at which officers hands the victims met their death,” he said.