“Obasanjo Criticizes Democracy’s Failure in Africa”

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Yesterday, former President Olusegun Obasanjo asserted that Western Liberal Democracy’s imposition on Africa has proven futile. Speaking at a high-level consultation on ‘Rethinking Western Liberal Democracy for Africa’ in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Obasanjo criticized the system, contending it as incompatible with African realities due to its disregard for the majority’s perspectives.

Labeling Western Liberal Democracy as governance by a select few over the entire populace, Obasanjo highlighted the exclusion of the majority from genuine representation. He emphasized how this system sidelines the interests and voices of most individuals, creating inherent disparities.

Advocating for an alternative termed “Afro democracy,” Obasanjo stressed that African nations shouldn’t adhere to a governance structure they had no role in shaping.

He pointed out flaws in Western democracy, citing the disconnect between representation and the people’s actual needs. Questioning the neglect of minority voices within the majority-rule framework, he urged a critical examination of this imposed system.

Obasanjo called for introspection, urging a departure from inherited colonial systems. He prompted a collective effort to explore indigenous practices, cultures, and traditions for a redefined and more effective governance system tailored to Africa’s needs.

The gathering aimed to foster innovative thinking and action, drawing insights from diverse fields to reshape governance paradigms that align with African realities. Leaders from academia and politics convened to critically assess liberal democracy’s deficiencies and propose alternative models suited for Africa’s socio-cultural landscape.

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