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Ntsiki On Why SA Will Never Have A Female President

Ntsiki Mazwai Enjoying life With New Bae

The ever so vocal Ntsiki Mazwai is angered at how SA men’s toxicity will prevent women from holding office.

She believes men are the reason South Africa will never have a female president. Her bold statement is one of many and she remains unapologetic about them.

The poet is very sure that progression in this country will not be possible if men continue being toxic barbarians. Not mincing her words, she says the men are responsible for the stagnant change, if any, that is taking place, because she believes they are out to sabotage women empowerment.

She made a comparison with the UK Caucasian males who have female presidents, where as we are stuck in the past because the men in this country are ‘toxic barbarians’.

“We will never have a female president because South African men will always sabotage it…White men in Europe have female presidents, our men are toxic barbarians clearly,” she voiced out her opinion.

Of course not everyone will agree with Ntsiki and many men have slammed her by saying women are their worst enemy.

“Women will sabotage other women, in the ANC were against NDZs Presidential race. Women treat other women badly in workplaces. Other day you were telling us how women sleep with married men just to hurt the wives. Women are their own worst enemies,” the tweep claimed.


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