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Ntsiki Mazwai posts Pics in nothing but her baby suit

Ntsiki Mazwai, DJ Fresh

Modern day feminists like Ntsiki Mazwai tend to spoil themselves on days like Valentines as they would have chased all contenders all year through their addiction to controvesy and drama. Ntsiki’s life is never void of drama, just last year she had to deal with hate and threats after she had mocked South African men for having “small manhood”.

Following that it doesn’t really surprise anyone when she spends Valentines day alone, but Who said Valentines Day was all about the lovers? The many single ladies also went all out to enjoy their day with or without being pampered and celebrated by the male partners.

Ntsiki Mazwai definitely took it up a notch as she knows how to draw attention, by taking her Valentine’s Day celebrations doing things most wouldn’t have the guts to do.

Ntsiki Mazwai went completely n#de in a swimming pool. The controversial star is seen n#ked in a pool with her back and bottom on full display. She has a beautifully figured body and she sure wants to flaunt it.

Ntsiki is a nudist and she proudly flaunts it whenever she likes to. No matter how much she flaunts her body and gets dissed for it, she continues to do so without a care in the world.

Twitter took time to react her post: