Ntsiki Mazwai Declares War against Julius Malema

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Julius Malema,Court interdicts EFF, Clicks Advert

Over the weekend Twitter was set ablaze with hashtags campaigning for the downfall of Shimza and Julius Malema.

#JuliusMustFall continues to top the trends list but the CIC remains unshaken by it. Ntsiki Mazwai, apart from body shaming South African men claiming that their penises are small, reflected on how Julius Malema used women in the EFF to fight his battles.

It is no secret that the two do not get a long very well. Julius is known to be vocal about issues that affect the black man in the country, however Ntsiki claims that he is not woke.

She tweeted; “Julius Malema is not woke. He’s a man that holds a lot of power. He’s thriving in our community because he’s the type of man that Christianity has created.”

This time, the poet used the damning hashtag to her advantage and called Julius Malema out. She even claims that he is behind the controversial Advocate Barry Roux parody twitter account.

In her tweets she alleges that the EFF female members Naledi Chirwa and ex member Mandisa Mashego were used to fight her and they poverty shamed her.

“Remember when Julius Malema used women to fight me and promoted Mandisa and Naledi…. And Naledi and her fighter friends would drag and poverty shame me. Because they are anti strong women and are power hungry. They were the ones who screamed that Ntsiki can’t be parachuted,” she tweeted.

Mazwai raised eyebrows when she alleged that the parody account called ‘Man’s NOT Barry Roux’ is run by the EFF leader. This suspicion comes after the hashtag calling for the downfall of Malema trended the whole weekend but did not get the Advocate’s attention.

The account is notorious for dragging Ntsiki and raise a lot of national issues as well. The account also trolls a lot of politicians, however this time Julius was immune to the trolling leaving many to agree with Ntsiki that there is a huge possibility that it is run by the CIC himself.

“Rumor has it that the adv Barry Roux account is run by Julius Malema…So a few things make sense,” she insinuated.

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