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Ntsiki And Ayanda Thabethe Defend Zenande Mfenyana & Slam #ZenandeMustFall

Zenande, Zenande Mfenyana, #ZenandeMustFall

Zenande Mfenyana has been trending for a while now after she angrily responded to a woman ‘reaching out.’ Ntsiki Mazwai and Ayanda Thabethe defended Zenande with Ayanda apologizing on her behalf.

The woman who slid into Zenande’s DM’s is also pregnant and she tried to ‘comfort’ the actress saying her body and looks will go back to normal after giving birth.

Shocked at the message, Zenande corrected the woman by saying she never viewed herself in any negative way and the woman’s unsolicited advice was not welcomed.

Her swearing at the woman angered social media and they even made #ZenandeMustFall trend. Whilst others tried to justify her actions by saying she is pregnant and her hormones are all over the place, they continued bullying Zenande saying pregnancy does not justify rudeness.

Ntsiki Mazwai shocked people when she stood behind Zenande and called trolls out for their bullying.

Ayanda Thabethe also expressed her disapproval of the manner in which Twitter trolled a very pregnant Zenande.

She goes on to apologize on her behalf saying enough is enough.

“Guys Zenande is pregnant, growing a human inside of her – please have a little mercy. The fact that this hashtag has been trending the whole day is totally wrong. Ngiyamxolisela lapho awone khona. Sekwanele,” she pleaded.

Ever since announcing her pregnancy The Queen actress has had to fight off trolls who mocked her appearance. She instructed them to do a little research on women’s body changes when pregnant.

“I’m carrying a whole human being inside my body, so if you want to say f**ked up things to me about how different I look, be my guest. But I’m done being silent about this cyber bullying towards pregnant women, specifically me in this case,” she wrote on her IG story.