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Nota Baloyi finds why he calls himself “The Authority” in SA Hip hop



Nota Baloyi has printed why he name himself “The Authority” In SA Hip hop.

The big name has at all times to get himself into debatable problems on the subject of celebrities and leisure as an entire.

During an interview with Raphael Benza on Moziak Magazine, Nota printed why he selected to name himself “The Authority” within the SA hip hop recreation.

“The Authority thing is like, leadership is about someone taking responsibility, so I thought this hip hop community I have contributed so much to I want it to grow, flourish and be able to contribute to the well-being of other people’s lives other than myself it has done so much for me” he stated.

Nota additional went on and defined what precisely he wish to lead within the SA hip hop.

Baloyi additionally printed why he’s at all times calling out other folks within the rap recreation. “Hip hop is dissing, I’m dissing anything else that works, that’s hip hop“, he stated. Besides dissing other folks within the hip hop recreation, NOTA additionally shared the positives he has introduced within the recreation and the great family members he has shaped alongside the best way.

“I’ve given people the codes, everything, how I did it who I spoke to, who gave me the deals, the exact amount of the deals, how much were the percentages, what are the splits, what’s fair, and all the things that people will necessarily call codes, i gave up for free,” he stated.

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