No One Is Going To Mislead President HH, I Remain A Grassroot Politician Vows General Mosquito

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United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says he is going to ensure that President -Elect Hakainde Hichilema delivers to the aspirations of the Zambian people, once sworn by Chief Justice Michael Musonda on Tuesday 24th August, 2021.

And Mr. Liswaniso has vowed to remain a grassroot politician as means of obtaining correct information on the ground for President Hichilema to act and rule for two terms, as opposed to relying on falsified information.

Speaking during a live Muvi Television Programme, Wednesday 18th August, 2021, in Lusaka, Liswaniso, a die hard UPND activist said his youths are equally ready to reunite and contribute to rebuilding Zambia.

“I do not want a position in government but remain in the party to continue working on the ground and help our President Hichilema deliver and act in the collective best interests of the 18 million Zambian people and those who turned up in large numbers to vote for change, through out the country’s 116 districts, spread in the 10 provinces,” vowed Liswaniso.

And Liswaniso said UPND Alliance partners being a law abiding party will not hesitate to help the police maintain law and order in Zambia.

Liswaniso said as a youth leader, he is alert on individuals scheming to defy the directive by President Hichilema on illegal acts.

“I have been visiting compounds and markets where youths in the name of our great party are harrasing people and some want to control bus stations and markets. Cadrerism is a thing of the past in markets, bus stations and stops. The Local authourities have taken over the responsibility and everyone is going to operate freely as a Zambian, we are different from Patriotic Front (PF) a brutal regime,” Liswaniso assured.

A straight-talking Liswaniso said it is a clear indication of sanity returning to Zambia even before President-elect Hichilema is sworn as 7th Republican President, new progressive dawn is evident.

The UPND National Youth Chairperson insisted that every Zambian is going to enjoy equal opportunities at different levels.

And Liswaniso has assured Zambians of continued peace and existence as a nation embracing diverse interest groups and communities.

“Everyone is protected from any form of harm especially among political players.
Reports that UPND members are terrorising PF cadres is not true. l can tell you that they are just fighting among themselves because of losing the election they should just move on.

l remember in 2016, after the general elections, PF would come at my place of work and residence to mock my family and singing mockery songs such as HH amwa Doom’ l never reacted but moved on peacefully to mobilise the party they should also move on,” recollected Liswaniso.

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