Night of Revelry Takes a Dark Turn: 29-Year-Old Nakonde Man Faces Sxxual Assault by Tanzanian

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In a distressing turn of events, a 29-year-old man from Nakonde finds himself grappling with the aftermath of an alleged sexual assault by an unidentified Tanzanian national, following an evening of drinking.

The unsettling incident transpired on November 12, approximately at 22:00, within the black market area of Chiyanga. The victim, enticed by an offer of complimentary alcohol, encountered the assailant at a local bottle store.

The suspect, under the guise of camaraderie, persuaded the victim to accompany him to Tunduma in Tanzania. Regrettably, during the journey, the victim became the target of a heinous assault.

Ronald Zambo, Deputy Commanding Officer of Muchinga Province, provided details, stating that the incident unfolded on November 12th around 22:00 at Chiyanga’s black market area.

Recounting the events, Mr. Zambo elucidated, “On the specified date, the victim left his residence to indulge in beer consumption at a designated bottle store in the Tola-Tola market. While there, he encountered an unfamiliar Tanzanian national who offered to purchase him an energy drink to accompany the whiskey beer he was consuming.”

He continued, “The two engaged in drinking together until the point when the suspect suggested that the victim accompany him to Tunduma in Tanzania.”

However, upon reaching Chiyanga’s Black Market, just after crossing the rail line, the situation took a harrowing turn. The suspect seized the victim by the neck, initiating a brutal assault. Despite the victim’s attempts to defend himself, intoxication rendered him powerless. The assailant proceeded to strip and commit a reprehensible act against the victim’s will. At some juncture during this ordeal, the victim lost consciousness, only regaining awareness around 02:30 hours, discovering the absence of his cellphone from his pocket.

The grievous incident was promptly reported to the police, who have initiated investigations into the matter, seeking justice for the traumatized victim.

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