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Nicole Nyaba Releases Statement To Concerned Fans

Nicole Nyaba

Fans of Nicole Nyaba are used to seeing her looking a certain way so many were rather puzzled after seeing her look on IG Video on Monday.

Nicole went live to let her fanbase know that she does not have a Twitter account, and let know that she is tired of being asked about the fake Twitter account in her name.

However, the upcoming rapper’s looks where the main focus with some people claiming she “did not look like she was in a good space” in the video.

Nicole in her statement thanked fans for their concerns but assured them she is in a good space.

“I just wanna thank everybody for their heartfelt messages and support. But please believe me when I say I’ve been in a good space for a while and even now as we speak.”

“I had to address the Twitter issue to clear my name and I couldn’t find the words to address it because it became extremely exhausting.”

Nicole’s plain look had the timeline in a fuss with many wondering what happened to her slay looks and many trolled her by saying that the lockdown has taken a toll on her.


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