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Newly-single Cardi B brags about dating as her DMs are flooded after Offset split



Cardi B and Offset [Photo: Courtesy]

Cardi B boasted she could date any man she wanted after Offset split. Her three-year marriage crumbled in lockdown in September when the singer finally filed for divorce after months of being on the rocks.

Now the 27-year-old singer, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, claimed she could choose any man she desired because her DMs were swamped with offers from thirsty fans. She said on her OnlyFans page: “I could date any man I want… my DMs are flooded.”

However, the newly-single star said she was “so focused” on her business she didn’t have time to date anyone new. She elaborated: “I don’t actually want to date nobody – I’m so focused on my business that it’s crazy.”

It seems the couple plan to have joint custody of their two-year-old daughter Kulture, according to TMZ. Although Cardi previously said their marriage didn’t end as a result of her husband’s infidelities, the WAP hitmaker admitted she wasn’t waiting for him to cheat on her again. She made it clear it was her decision to leave.

She went on: “You cannot hurt my feelings trying to throw the divorce in my face because, at the end of the day, I decided I wanted to leave.”I didn’t wait until he cheated on me again. I didn’t wait for another controversy with him being involved. I decided to leave.

“If I wanted to stay, I could have stayed. I decided to leave.” Cardi and Offset married in secret in September 2017 and they told everyone about it the following year,” she said.