Ndola housewife allegedly Defiled her son’s eight-year-old friend

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THE Ndola Magistrate courts has heard a nipping evidence of how a 30- timeold Ndola housewife allegedly defiled her son’s- eight- timeold friend.

Sandra Mwale is believed to have lured the boy who’s a grade one pupil at a named school in Ndola, to her bedroom on five occasions and had coitus with him when he went to her house to play with her son.

Mwale is charged with defilement of a boy under the age of 16 which occurred in June this time.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Veronica Sikwangala, Mwale pleaded not guilty to having had carnal knowledge of the boy.

According to one of the witnesses who’s the victims aunt, she told court that on the fateful day, her nephew who’s a grade one pupil at named school instead of knocking off from school at 1200 hours, he went back home at 1600 hours.

She recited to court that she found him sited outside the veranda of their house at 1700 hours and that when she asked him what he was doing at school up till that hour, he told her that he was playing at the school grounds.

She told court further told court that at around 1800 hours, her nephew asked for food as he was hungry, but that she told him that she could only give him the meal after he stated where he’d gone to.

“ I also got a whip to ask where he went, but he still didn’t tell me. Around 1900 hours while I was cooking, my also called me and informed me that the child wanted to tell me something. He then recited to is that he’d gone to his friends place and whilst there, his friends mother called him to her bedroom, undressed him and told him to play with his penis. later, she inserted it in her private parts, ” she told court.

She recited to the court that when she asked her nephew if it was the first time Mwale was doing such a thing to him, he told her that it was the fifth time.

She further told court that when she checked her nephew’s private parts, she discovered that his foreskin was pulled backwards and that his penis appeared redish.

“ He also told me that he was feeling pain when urinating and that was when I reported the matter to the police and my nephew was taken to Arthur Davidson’s Children’s Hospital where he was given medication, ” she said.

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