Nasty public fallout between Huddah and Murugi

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In a videotape posted on Tuesday morning, Mrs Munyi nominated the fat- smirching reflections made by Huddah as’ unattractive’ encouraging plus- size women to love and appreciate their bodies.

” There is a lot going on online right now but let me just say to whoever is out there fat- smirching fellow women, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and you’re loved.
” And whatever is inside you that makes you feel like you want to affront someone who doesn’t look like you, I actually hope that resoluteness because that is an unattractive and horrible way to go through life,” the podcaster stated, responding to Huddah’s grim commentary on her size.
Huddah Monroe and Murugi Munyi have had a nasty public fallout after the podcaster gave her feedback on Rich Beauty products
Amongst other unmentionable cuts, Huddah called Munyi a’ scrap truck’,’ sura kama ndovu’ and constantly abused the YouTuber for the liposuction procedure she passed in February.
” The same way you abuse my brand is the same way I’ll affront you. Go get a life. No physical surgery can help your stinking internal station, look within.

” My business is like my baby, affronting it’s like affronting my child. You do not know how long and how much hard work has been put to bring us to where we are. Yet you sit in your old earth- filled house talking sh8t. suppose doubly, haters do not prosper,” Huddah stated in a rant about Mrs Munyi on Monday night.
Huddah Monroe and Murugi Munyi fall out after product creation failure
Huddah and Munyi fell out on Monday after the TMI host raised enterprises about Huddah’s skincare products, specifically questioning why the products didn’t have an component list.

Murugi, who’s one of the top influencers in Kenya, had entered a package from Huddah’s Rich Beauty company and while reviewing it she also mentioned that the products’ packaging reminded her of success cards transferred to campaigners before sitting public examinations.

” One thing that feels like a bit of a red flag is that all the products are written the same thing. it does not have a description like Nivea products. but I do not want to pass judgment because I have not tried them. I will try them and give you an update in two or three weeks and tell you how it’s going,” Munyi told her followers.

Huddah incontinently launched an attack on Murugi, castigating her for the poor review and condemning her for not trying the products before posting about it.

” Murugi Munyi do not bash effects without trying because repeated words or typos or a spelling mistake does not take down from effectiveness of the products or the communication. And by the way, you aren’t in any ways forced to post our products,” she stated.

Huddah went on to declare that her business doesn’t need influencers to flourish, covenanting to use professional models to request her products going forward.


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