Nasty C Says Jealousy Caused Speedsta Twar

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Nasty C

Nasty C is on top of his game at the moment and as expected, not everyone will celebrate with him and he is well aware of that.

The rapper spoke to TshisaLive about the recent Twitter exchange between him and Popcast member DJ Speedsta. He weighed in on the argument they had on social media and reckons that such treatment from industry people was expected.

Recently Nasty C and DJ Speedsta got into a twar over ownership of Nasty’s song Bamm Bamm. Nasty slammed Speedsta for claiming to own the song and lied to the world that it was his.

The two were at loggerheads and exchanged a few heated words however Speedsta apologized for his use of words after Nasty told him to come correct.

Expressing his disappointment, Nasty said the whole situation was a result of jealousy over his recent success of signing with American record label, Def Jam.

“I think it’s more of a jealousy thing more than anything. I don’t see how his initial point has to do with any of the stuff he went on to say. His first thing was that he gave me a song, which I tried to correct him on because he didn’t. Then he only apologised for his mistake 10 tweets down the line … like only then he admits that there might have been a problem with his wording in the first tweet. Something he should have said in the first place instead of going on and on,” he told the publication.

Nasty added that Speedsta mentioned his record deal and said that Nasty has changed ever since.

“He instead wanted to talk about how I’ve changed and how I think I’ve arrived now because of (the Def Jam deal) and what not. You could tell the whole thing stemmed from something else.”

He concluded by saying he expected this treatment from people, however, he is disappointed that it had to be from DJ Speedsta.

“But, it’s okay. I was expecting that anyway – maybe not from him – but it’s cool, it’s whatever,” he said.

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