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‘Nameless Tells Lies’ – Wahu

Nameless, Wahu

Legendary celebrated Kenyan artists, Nameless and wife Wahu are back on our blog streets after a while. The couple that keeps a very low profile last appeared in the news when Wahu was sharing her experience growing up as a teenager and battling low self esteem, something that really stifled her progress for a while.

Now the couple that rarely causes a scene, not even on the social media streets has made a come-back after Wahu came through with some information on lies directly targeting her husband, Nameless.

We all love to know that the couple are the SI unit when it comes to a happy marriage in this cruel entertainment scene.

Many celebrity couples have parted ways in very dramatic ways but he two have proved it can work. A decade-plus of marriage and two children later the two are still growing in love.

In a cute picture posted by Wahu, the two look so cute and happy. She mentioned that years later, the little lies Nameless tells her still bring that smile on her face.

When a man wants to keep you happy in a relationship, he will come up with all the sweet lies to capture you. For Nameless it didn’t end there. Marriage still needs that spicing up. Probably one of the reasons why things are working out so well for them.

“I still believe his tu lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣 even when I know he’s obviously lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣” Wahu captioned

Nameless has always been vocal about relationships never being perfect and advising that partners keep committed to their spouses by making adjustments and sticking it out even through the tough times to make things work eventually.
I guess the little lies truly do come in handy.