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Nadia Nakai’s first TikTok challenge #40BarsChallenge

Nadia Nakai, Nadia Nakai Tik tok, #40BarsChallenge

Nadia Nakai’s first TikTok challenge

One of the baddest chics in hip hop residing in Cassper’s camp family tree, Rapper Nadia Nakai has finally jumped on the TikTok train creating her first challenge #40BarsChallenge.

The “Naaa Meaan” hitmaker who recently collaborated with Emtee and DJ Capital to release her recent track “40 Bars” has taken to TikTok to challenge users to dance to the song with choreography done by Karim Alexander.
On Instagram, Nakai posted another version of the dance, with the caption: ” My joint 40 Bars is finally on TikTok shout out to  @karimthedancer  for choreographing this for me!! Lol! I’m still learning it!!! 😂  @tiktok   @tiktok_southafrica   #emtee   #djcapital  guys I’m officially challenging you to do this too! Let me see! 😝 imma post more videos. don’t forget to Tag me on TikTok…”. #40BarsChallenge

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Nadia Nakai has revealed the reason why she would never work with rapper AKA on a collaboration, saying that people would not respond to it positively. Well, that and other reasons of course.

In an Instagram Live interview with AKA’s friend Da L.E.S, she said that although there is no bad blood between her and Supa Mega, the people will not like the collab, hence the lack of support she thinks it might receive.

L.E.S asked a question about controversy saying that people love controversial artistry and asked whether she would ever take that chance.

She responded by saying: “Honestly, I am a fan of AKA. Every time I’ve met him he has never disrespected me or been weird with me or anything. But I think the only reason that I wouldn’t is because I don’t think it would get positive attention, I don’t think it would be something that would be celebrated.”

Her sentiments revolve around the feud between her boss and mentor Cassper Nyovest and AKA, which has been going on for years. Even though there is bad blood between the two rappers, her mentor Cass would not stop her from doing the collab.

“He would never be a person who says he doesn’t want me to work with certain people,” she added.

The Femcee acknowledges the fact that her fan base also consists of die-hard Cassper fans and that they would not appreciate the work she and AKA would ever do.

“I know for a fact that most of my fans are Cassper fans, I know the people that I cater to and I know that they would totally be upset,”

Apart from music, the two rappers did however collaborate on a Reebok commercial last year September and both their fan bases loved it.

In Other Stories…Nadia Nakai Turns Up The Heat

Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai is hot and that is a fact!

At the beginning of the year the rapper was hitting the gym hard in an attempt to shed the post-Christmas weight and the results speak for themselves.

The beauty of Nadia’s hotness is that she is flourishing in all areas of her life, she has been on a winning streak ever since she came onto the rap scene…Continue Reading…