Naak Musiq Gets A New Whip!

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Naak Musiq
Financially, January was seemingly a good month for, Naak Musiq. The actor and musician blessed himself with a brand new Audi R8! Yesss the boy is focused!

The media personality never shies away from posting his material assets on social media – from his beautiful double storey home to his other cars, which include a range of BMW’s.

Naak Musiq is one of the few artists in the entertainment industry that is mastering the art of diversifying her talents. His acting is on a hundred, his music career is on the up. It doesn’t end there, his influence has also spread into collaborating with well-respected brands such as Soviet. All of his various income avenues have enabled him to live largely!

Sbudahmoolah”Seems like the love for beemer is getting phased out real quick 😂😂😂😂.”

IamMarkTheChef”Lol remembered one time you were checking out this car on December last year now it’s yours 🙌 big up brother iyaphumela 🔥.”

Qneesab.dotcom”First get the money and then get the respect🔥well done man💯.”


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