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Mzansi Celebrates Sarafina Movie On Youth Day

Sarafina movie

Many have since admitted that they can watch the movie several occasions as could reasonably be expected without getting exhausted as the hashtag #Sarafina is overwhelmed on Twitter. Most of the youth through one of the most popular online life platforms have chosen to praise the extraordinary day in style.

As South Africa observes Youth Day, one of the most iconic recollections is the Sarafina film featuring the veteran on-screen character Leleti Khumalo. The honor winning entertainer has shared out on 16 June reflecting on ‘Sarafina’

The Sarafina star said the improvement in the battle for equality in education has been negligible since the movie was released in 1992.

”The struggle will never end until we get the same level of education for all. It is very important to tell stories that people can relate to and stories that mean something to people. It was a given that Sarafina had to be this successful because it was talking about what was happening then. People can relate to the story, they went through it – they know exactly what the movie is about.”, she said.

In the interim, her enthusiasts couldn’t shroud their affection for the film and their preferred on-screen character. The following are a portion of their comments.