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Mzansi Can’t Get Enough Of Elaine as #Elaine Trends

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Elaine is the Mzansi RnB girl of the moment. Mzansi seems to have woken up feeling Elaine as Tweeps woke up to sharing their favourite songs of the gifted songstress. Elaine is definitely one of the best things to happen to Mzansi RnB as we have seen her music compete with big international artists. The sky is not the limit for Elane.

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Elaine’s debut project, “Elements” was released in September 2019 and is a seven-track journey into the themes of love, heartbreak, and self-reflection. The E.P has no features, no major producers and it is an independent release. Keeping it simple was all by design

“I think it was just to represent who I am. I wanted it to get to the point and to get my message across. The EP was the right introduction for me into the music industry. It’s not too much but at the same time it’s not too little, it’s just enough and that’s exactly why I wanted to get the right amount of songs out there for people to relate to,” Elaine stated.
The positive response to the project, like her process, was organic and the music has travelled as far as the United States and it serves as a testament to taking charge as an independent artist.
Social media played a huge role in crafting and releasing the album. The 20-year-old singer met her manager and the two producers on the album, Clxrity, and Elyzée through Instagram and she also used the platform to promote the album.
“I’m a very, very lowkey and private person [in everyday life] so I use social media and that’s actually how I met all of the people I worked with on this project,” Elaine said. “I feel social media was important in creating this ecosystem of people that I possibly wouldn’t have had access to. We all work together in our community to create despite coming from different cultures and from different backgrounds. And what connects is our passion for music, our work ethic, our drive and our morals.”
Here is what tweeps had to say about Elaine’s Music:


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