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Mzansi Actors Who Are Coming Back To Your Favourite Soapies Even Though They Died On Screen

Mzansi Actors Coming back to soapies

Dead Soapie Characters Coming Back: Huge Surprises In Store For Fans

We’ve seen characters who’ve been killed come back to life, almost always, the result of their resurrection is a huge upgrade, and this is served as a means to signify that they won’t be getting killed as easily as before. With that in mind, here are some characters in soapville who are coming back from the dead.

Resurrections are part of what sells storylines. Countless beloved characters on the small screen have died, sometimes for many episodes, only to reappear suddenly when the show needs them.

Here is a look at some of the most beloved soapie characters that had died and might return on screen.

Scandal: Thembeka Shezi

After Thembeka’s relationship with Quinton fell apart, she disappeared on the show and went ‘overseas’. Then she suddenly reappeared towards the end of Spring 2019 because she wanted to say goodbye to Quinton, only to be killed this year by Mthunzi ‘her jealous lover’. Unlike other characters who were killed on the show before, there was no warning or announcements on social media. Fans were livid that such a crucial character who kept the show running could easily be wiped out. But apparently that was a setup, they didn’t make a big deal because she’s coming back.


Rhythm City: David Genaro

It seemed almost impossible, even unrealistic that David Genaro would be killed off in Rythmn City, the man had 10 lives. There were songs written about his immortality, kids loved Shakespeare again and actors were inspired to put in more effort in their craft. Even after his death on the show, they had a character go in a trance, to impersonate him. Rhythm City is apparently still struggling to find a better villain and may resurrect his character.

The Queen: TGOM

It is revealed that after the actress publicly ‘supported’ the producers(Ferguson’s) enemy; Vatiswa Ndara on social media. The Fergussons were apparently so secretly pissed off that they started plotting her death/exit on the show. As ‘sweet’ and, ‘religious’ as the producers seem in public, they have a dark cloud in the entertainment industry and their obsession with killing their characters seems very dodgy. They apparently made her life so difficult on set until she called it quits.she made a scathing confession about unbearable working conditions which everyone already knew about from their previous employees.


Apparently the producers are so obsessed with cleaning up their image that they may make her another offer.