“My death was prophecied from when I was a child” – Malume Zano

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Malume Zano has taken to his social media to replicate on his previous and formative years.

The celebrity printed he has lived thru one of the worst occasions of my existence, with the similar individuals who had been smiling at her on one finish and tearing me aside at the different.

Malume printed that his loss of life was once prophesied from when he was once little and he was once about 8tears outdated when any individual determined that he’s going to be their sacrifice and their “road to riches”.

The musician said his father reminded him about it final week and he’s thankful he’s nonetheless alive.

“My death was prophecied from when I was a child, I was about 8yrs old and someone had decided I will be their sacrifice and their “road to riches.My mother chose to believe the report of the Lord.My dad reminded me of this last week.I am alive, by God’s Grace”

Malume Went directly to percentage that every one his days, he has lived thru all more or less lies however were given restored through God.

”I make a choice to consider God’s Report. All day. I’ve lived thru a wide variety of lies paraded as fact and enlightenment. Came out wounded however God restored.I am of age now and I do know what I do know. No assumption or “I think”/ “I read somewhere bathi”. Experience informs my fact.”

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