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Muvhango: Gugu’s Baby Daddy Revealed!!!!!!!

Gugu's Baby Daddy, Muvhango

Gugu is a successful businesswoman in her thirties, who has everything she wants except a child. She’s given up on the thought of marriage because she’s had one disastrous relationship after the other. From dating her cousin(Imani)’s boyfriend behind her back, unknowingly dating a married man(Muzi) to currently being stuck in a long-distance relationship.

She just had a miscarriage and wants to try falling pregnant again. Since her boyfriend (Qhawe) has moved away, she’s considering the untraditional way of becoming a mom.

But things have just gotten complicated; her ex-boyfriend(Muzi) is back in town and wants to revive their broken relationship. She broke up with him after he previously lied to her about being married, so she doesn’t trust him. Muzi claims he’s on the verge of being divorced and loves her more than his wife.

Gugu will ask Muzi to become her sperm donor, so she can fall pregnant again.

It’s not uncommon for some families to be built with the help of fertility treatments and/or egg or sperm donation. But happens if they fall in love again, when he officially divorces his wife? She’d have to consider the traditional way of falling pregnant.

Knowing how writers thrive on drama, she’ll fall in love with Muzi and Qhawe will come back and ask her to choose. But it’ll be too late because she’ll be pregnant with Qhawe’s baby already.

Gugu is a modern woman whose not bothered by the nuclear unit; two married parents raising their children together. She’s seen how that is no longer the only possible type of family because she’s an awesome aunt to Imani’s son… they’re raising him together.

Another family structure that she may consider is co-parenting with Muzi. But would Muzi agree to that because he was married, and he’ll be co-parenting with his ex-wife already?

If she falls pregnant with Qhawe’s child again would he agree to co-parent even though he’s a traditional man?

My soapie-instinct is telling me that she’ll fall in love with Muzi, fall pregnant with his child and get married to him, because they have more in common.