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Mutale Mwanza Shares Her Insecurities

Mutale Mwanza

One would think Mutale Mwanza had no insecurities especially given her confidence levels. Gorgeous, confident, and outspoken yet Mutale Mwanza decided to share with us she is human and imperfect. Well, Mutale we love all your perfect imperfections!

The Gorgeous Socialite explained how she has had insecurities about her body for 13 years since giving birth to her son. This is a struggle many women face as they kiss bikini days goodbye because they have a novel notion you have to have perfect skin and body to wear bikinis.

Fortunately, Mutale Mwanza has managed to face her insecurities and fears head-on and of course, your fans love you even if you are striped like a zebra, which just makes you imperfectly perfect. Here is what Mutale had to say about this in a post:

So let me let you in on something. After giving birth to My son in 2007, I realized my body changed and I noticed some serious stretch marks on my tummy area and bum bum. Which is why even 13 years later , I hardly ever wear crop tops or show my belly because it’s a zebra Centre ????????????
But today I thought ! F#ck it !
No body is perfect, and none of us were ever meant to be. Love your body, buy a nice camera, choose a nice angle and snap !!!
Love your body, and embrace those stretch marks you s.exy zebra !!

Mutale Mwanza