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Mutale Mwanza, Macky II Positive for Covid-19 few days after PR Girl’s Lusaka July

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Few days after Lusaka July bad news broke about the star-studded PR Girl Event. It is said that many of the celebs who were there contracted Covid-19 during the event.

This news comes after many questioned how the PR Girl event Lusaka July seemed to not follow any Covid-19 precautionary guidelines. The assumption many had upon seeing the images and footage from Lusaka July was maybe they had been tested and screened for Covid-19 which now seems to not have been the case.

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Lusaka July After Dark. #PoloInYellow

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The Queen of Zambian pop-culture Mutale Mwanza is sadly one of the celebrities who tested positive according to Nkani Media. mutale has gone to black out her Instagram posts as she is going through a dark time. Well wishes and Prayers from the Daily Scoop to our beloved Mutale Mwanza and other Zed Celebs.

The question on many people’s minds is has PR Girl Media been grossly negligent with the Covid-19 guidelines and should they be held accountable? It is interesting to note that South Africa had their Durban July and Face masks were a main feature on the show as organisers complied with the Covid-19 guidelines. Shouldn’t have PR Girl media done the same?

Get well soon to all the affected people from this event.