Mutale Mwanza Celebrates 1 Million Followers

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Mutale Mwanza

The queen of M-Nation Mutale Mwanza seems never to take Ls as she keeps winning at every level. Mutale Mwanza is a media personality, and the Zed socialite’s influence seems to grow daily. She now sits at the top of Zed influencers with a massive following of 1 million on Facebook and 310K on Instagram, and yes she is going to rub it in their faces.

Rising to fame because of her silver tongue and not shying away from controversial topics years ago as a radio host her elevator keeps going up. She is also a serious women’s rights advocate as she has led feminism campaigns like the You will not reduce my qualifications to my vagin#a.

It started back during the Red Hot Breakfast show on HOT FM, Mutale Mwanza, could not hold it but describe all those who allegedly calls her “prostitute” as “Kwindi’s & Pushi” literally translated as rats and cats. She ended up leading a campaign in which the majority of celebrities joined in arms with her to fight these stereotypes.

Mutale has since become a household name when it comes to fashion, elegance, controversial issues and celebrity fights. She recently had to put Chella Tukuta in his place by suggesting a dentist appointment for him after he had bashed our very own Macky 2’s Australia Tour. A lot of celebrities agreed with her as it’s a common notion to stand with our own.

Mutale Mwanza‘s dating life remains a mystery as she holds her cards close. We can be assured whoever she is dating is a high-value man, as she confesses she is a high-value woman and isn’t settling for less.

It’s no surprise that companies want her as a brand ambassador including Rihanna’s clothing line, her experience as a radio personality and her outstanding fashion sense are assuring. Keep winning Queen of M-Nation.

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