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Multi-millionare Genius Kadungure 101

Ginimbi Genius Kadungure

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi is a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a gas company, Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He is also the owner of Dreams Nightlife club formerly known as Club Sankayi.

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Here’s a little more information about Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi

Ginimbi Age

Genius Kadungure was born on 10 October 1984 in Domboshava in a family of four. He is also referred to by the nickname of GinimbiHe is 36 years old.

Ginimbi Family

Sadly, the entrepreneur is no stranger to family tragedy and early this year, Ginimbi actually lost his mother. Ginimbi’s mother had reportedly been suffering from cancer for some time before succumbing to the illness.

In 2019 he lost his brother Andrew to an undisclosed illness.

Genius Career

Kadungure is said to have started engaging in small business transactions at the age of 17 as he became a middle-man securing gas for domestic users. Genius had a friend who worked at the Angolan Airways offices, through which he quickly secured his first contract through that friend.

He later followed up on a number sales to gas users and that saw his fortunes turning. Within a year, he had started driving and two years later he had a Mercedes Benz S Class. He went on to establish Pioneer Gases. The company supplies gas to the commercial, industrial, public and retail sectors.

He went on to buy Quick Gases in Botswana in which he is currently the only shareholder. With the success of his companies, he decided to add Rivonia Gases to his portfolio followed by another business initiative called City Centre Freight.

All these companies fall under PIKO Trading Group, where he is a majority shareholder. Due to the increased growth and success of his businesses, he became one of the richest young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

Genius is also the the co-founder of the Celebs4Change campaign which received a lot of support from A-list celebrities from all over Africa in giving their time and gifts to children in need.

Genius Girlfriend

In 2014, it was reported that he was engaged to Zodwa Mkandla, 11 years his senior and no mention has been made of them having gotten married. In 2018, Ginimbi disclosed that he and Mkandla were no longer together although they have remained good business partners.

In 2019 Ginimbi was said to be involved with V-Candy.  Wicknell Chivhayo came out to throw in his two cents over the nature of Ginimbi and V-Candy’s relationship that made waves on social media. Wicknell alluded to the fact that the two were definitely not dating, but having casual sex.

But in an interview with a local newspaper, V-Candy denied the allegations of any romantic involvement with the business tycoon.

Genius White Parties

Kadungure is known as the king of bling and for throwing lavish parties. In 2010, he threw an expensive all-white birthday bash in Harare. The party drew scores of people from Harare’s northern suburbs and guests were treated to high-end whiskey, bright coloured cocktails, champagne, as well as cigars at his Greystone Park home for three consecutive days.

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Genius Controversy

Kadungure was reported to be involved with many married women. It was reported that he had been beaten up by husbands of women he had sexual relations with on many occasions.

Once he made headlines when it was revealed that he had been looking after another man’s child for the past 11 years. This came to light after one Doreen Mutukwa demanded an upward review of maintenance fees to $1,500. This led to Genius demanding a paternity test and the outcome showed that Kadungure was not the father of the child.

In February 2018 Ginimbi dismissed claims that he owed R340 000 to South African based businessman Mutumwa Mawere. The two had a huge falling out where harsh words were exchanged on social media. Fellow Zim entrepreneur, Wicknell Chivayo came out and accussed Ginimbi of having a ‘ghetto mentality’. He said that Ginimbi could not compare himself to Mawere, a renowned businessman.  He insinuated that Kadungure was a “fuel smuggler.”

There’s also been allegations of tax evasion his company Piko Trading (Private) Limited at that it misrepresented sales it has made to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). This was the period between 2009 – 2016. Zimra recorded to have suffered huge losses because of Ginimbi’s tax evasion.

As if his arrests had stopped, just recently Genius Kadungure was in prison after being arrested for what has been described as “Import Fraud”. The arrest in question is connected to the expensive Bentley he purchased from South Africa and illegally imported to Zimbabwe without paying the necessary customs fees.

A Flamboyant Harare born, but American based prophet Passion Java took some time and dissed Ginimbi. He posted a video on his social media official pages in which he alluded that people should not compare him Ginimbi as he comes from the rural areas. Rural or not, If you have the Ginimbi money you made it.

However, it seems the two were able to bury the hatchet and move on with their lives. They were later on spotted together having a good time.

Genius Cars

Now they always say, a lot can be said by the type of car that a man drives and Ginimbi has got quite the fleet of cars that for many it’s still but just a dream.

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Ginimbi has previously boasted about his love for flashy cars and admitted that he enjoys driving a new car than an old one “I only enjoy a car when it’s new, after that, I get another new one.” said the businessman.

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