“Mr Ibu’s Wife Alleges Stepson Jasmine Plans to Relocate to the UK as a Couple”

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Stella Maris, the wife of the ailing actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has asserted that her husband’s second son, Daniel, and the actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, are allegedly married clandestinely. According to her claims, they are purportedly planning to relocate to the United Kingdom as a couple, utilising funds donated for Mr Ibu’s surgery.

Mrs Ibu made these allegations in response to social media activist Very Dark Man’s accusations that she accused Jasmine of misappropriating money intended for Mr Ibu’s surgery to purchase a brand-new iPhone.

In her rebuttal, she questioned the sensibility of someone discussing cosmetic surgery and luxury items while her husband is gravely ill in the hospital. Stella Maris refuted the accusations, stating that Jasmine is attempting to blackmail her by using old private conversations, emphasizing that the recordings were manipulated and presented as if they were current.

Adding further context, Stella Maris claimed, “Come to think of it, Very Darkman, at the end of all this, the people giving you all the past conversations or pieces of information will all go away because Jasmine and my second stepson got married secretly and are both traveling to the UK (as a Couple) in December. I’ll be the person to live with my husband and our children.”

She expressed her frustration with the ongoing allegations, highlighting her solitary presence in Mr Ibu’s house amidst familial discord and asserting that her inquiry about financial matters was merely to stay informed.

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