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Moonchild Sanelly Calls Out SA Radio Stations

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Musician Moonchild Sanelly is fuming after her new single Askies with Jazz Disciples has been removed from radio station playlists in Mzansi.

The funky song has been a hit amongst many music lovers and especially amongst females in Mzansi as the Moonchild’s verse have sparked a wave of body positivity amongst them.

Moonchild’s verse openly speaks of thunder thighs and big b#tts and big bo0bs and has sparked quite the challenge as women show off their big assets.

On Saturday, Moonchild expressed her anger and disappointment over having the song removed from radio playlist in a two-part video on Twitter.

In her video, the singer asked: “how many women are objectified by men in songs and are played on the radio but are played on the radio” and questioned why a song that celebrates body positivity from a woman is removed from the radio.

Moonchild explained that the song is said to be explicit but asked “where the hell is she swearing in the song?” and called for everyone to write to radio stations as the song is a song that encourages women to be confident in their bodies.

The singer took the radio stations head-on, as she questioned their motives over the removal of the song and assured that the song would “pop” regardless of the situation.