Mohale Motaung’s sister, Palesa defends him in opposition to cyberbullies

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Mohale Motaung’s sister, chef Palesa Kwanaite has taken to her social media to protect him in opposition to cyber bullying.

The celebrity has been a sufferer ever since he began courting his estranged husband, Somizi or even after their separation.

Mohale, who has been posting fortunately on social media documenting his completely happy December, has more and more discovered trolls tenting in his say segment accusing him of a number of issues, together with marrying Somizi for status and fortune.

However, he ceaselessly ignores the entire adverse feedback however his sister may no longer stay quiet as she made up our minds to provide it again to the trolls.

Palesa took to her Instagram to let Mohale’s haters — whom she believes are most commonly Somizi’s fanatics — know that she wasn’t going to sit down via quietly whilst they rip her brother’s recognition to shreds.

She stated: “I’m so bloody tired of these Twitter motherf***ers always being on Mohale’s case”

In a now deleted Instagram submit, Palesa additionally requested Somizi to get his fanatics to avoid Mohale

“Somizi, tell your stupid fans that my brother never wanted a cent from you. They are always talking k*k and I won’t be quiet,” she added.

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