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Mohale Mocks The R350 Social Distress Relief Fund Beneficiaries!

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Actor and model Mohale Motaung has not been having a great time recently without being dragged by the cold world of social media. He has in fact had a fair share of ruthless drags, from trending for his SMEG kettle to the English-class flop, the model has now found himself on the wrong side of Twitter again.

Mohale came under fire after he posted a now-deleted tik-tok video of him allegedly mocking the social relief fund beneficiaries who will be receiving the R350 grant, proposed by the government.

Mohale got major backlash on social media with many saying the subject was very insensitive. Although some defended him and said it was meant to crack a joke, but you know on Twitter everyone has their day, Mohale ended up being dragged.


In Other News…Twitter worried about Mohale’s hairline

Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo got a lot more then he bargained for when he decided to show off his lockdown hairstyle. The social media influencer and husband of media personality, Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung uploaded a video and pictures of himself rocking a lockdown hairstyle which saw him move away from his usual bald look to some hair.

However, it was his hairline that…Continue Reading…