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Mistakes To Avoid When Brewing Your Own Homemade Alcohol

Home brewed Beer

Almost everyone with a digital presence has come across a homemade alcohol recipe in the past month or so. Many alcoholic beverage recipes popped up especially in countries where the lockdown came with a total ban of alcohol and cigarettes sells.

Overnight, almost everyone had become a master brewer cum laude. The homemade alcoholic beer ingredients flew off the shelves. At one point, the South African government even banned the sell of brewers yeast, a necessity in the brewing process. People found ways to circumvent the minor hurdle and used bakers yeast instead.

Homemade alcohol recipes including pineapple beer, banana beer, hard ginger beer, and umqombothi flooded the social media space. However, with any recipe, comes common mistakes that people make and thus affecting the end results.

Here are a few mistakes and pointers to bear in mind when brewing your own homemade alcohol.

According to biotechnologist and alcohol process consultant Garth Cambrey, many people are making these mistakes when making their own homemade beer.

  • When making Alcoholic Ginger Beer – Don’t put store-bought bread in ginger beer; rather use raisins
  • When making Pineapple Beer or Hunter’s Dry Cider – Add about 180 to 200 grams of sugar per litre to avoid methanol poisoning

Another important health tip to note is: Should you get a bad headache soon after testing your brew, immediately discard of the rest of the homemade alcohol.

Follow the sugary requisites as per instruction.  If you follow the basic common sense which is lots of sugar and quite a lot of acid, you should be okay. If you get it wrong, you can accidentally end up giving yourself a terrible headache and probably won’t want to do it again.

  • If you’re making homemade pineapple beer, add a lot of sugar to it. Drink a cup and if you get a really bad headache, don’t drink more.
  • I would strongly encourage homemade umqombothi (sorghum beer); it’s actually medicinal and has nutritional value.

Brewing is something we’ve done for a long time. It’s part of many cultures.

Remember: Mistakes Happen. Practice Makes Perfect.

Successful homemade brewing comes down to having patience, following instructions, using the proper ingredients, and understanding one’s limitations. We would recommend that any new brewer take advantage of every resource they have available to them.

Disclaimer: Dailyscoopmg supports responsible drinking. The abuse of alcohol strongly prohibited and Dailyscoop advocates for NO drinking and driving.  Alcohol consumption on not for persons under 18. Drink responsibly.