Minnie Dlamini’s MC Hammer Story

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Minnie Dlamini-Jones

They say everybody has an “MC Hammer” story at least once in their lives. It is a story about how we get to look back and regret some rather dumb financial decisions we made. Why call it “MC Hammer” story though?

MC Hammer was popular for being one of the best-paid rappers at his prime and he made millions, but due to lack of financial wisdom, he lost everything. This became a phrase in many rap songs if u are going from rich to broke fast they call it being MC Hammer. Our very own Minnie Dlamini had to share her similar experience on how she gained millions and lost them fast.Minnie Dlamini-Jones


I got into the business and I realised that I needed to earn my stripes and figure out exactly what I liked. — Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Founder – MD Skincare

Dlamini- Jones says she made her first million when she was 20 years old after she became the face of Legit.

I signed on to become the face of Legit, I got my own range and then I became a millionaire and at 21 it was all gone. I blew it and I can’t even tell you what I bought. It was the biggest pay cheque I had ever received in my life and my financial education was terrible and I had no one there guiding me. — Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Founder – MD Skincare

MD was something that I realised that I needed to do because you go into the business and the first thing you try to land outside of your job is that endorsement deal. I always wanted to go into the beauty industry and land an endorsement deal and it just didn’t happen. — Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Founder – MD Skincare

Minnie Dlamini-Jones

She says she then realised that she has built up a social media following and people are interested in what she has to do.

I decided to forget the endorsements and I created my own skincare range. — Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Founder – MD Skincare

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