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Minnie Dlamini takes story telling to another level (Video)


Minnie Dlamini reveals her huge contribution to a new Afrikaans movie titled PA.

Taking to social media, the TV personality said she’s finally utilizing one of her many talents, which is story-writing.

Minnie is a story teller, and with the effort of other story tellers, they’ve been able to successfully bring to reality a new movie.

“If someone had to ask me who I am, I am a storyteller. It’s what I love most about life and how my ancestors passed on our history and lessons that the next generation needs to learn. I am so blessed that I get to express this passion of mine in multiple mediums.
Here is one of my hidden (not anymore) talents. I created a beautiful story about love that transcends racial prejudice. I got to work with my genius brother @junkieflo who with a talented team of writers brought our story to life in the @kyknettv movie called PA,” she said.

“It’s always about breaking the mould and not allowing myself to be boxed into a category,” Mrs Jones added.

Check out trailer of the movie below: