Miles Sampa wrote;

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“In the night SP silver twincab was stoned by UPND cadres. Some 8 hours later at about 10am today, SP cadres have retaliated and smashed a dark grey Twincab that was being driven and belong to a UPND people.
Thought Zambia and Africa is behind these dark ages of election violence. Kenya 🇰🇪 exhibited recently that it’s possible to allow people elect their leader without violence.
The PF campaign Manager Hon Christopher Shakafuswa had his vehicle blocked in a bush road by two UPND vans with cadres. He managed to escape.
This is only a local government by election and people behaving like it’s a so or die event.
It’s towards lunch time here in Luangwa and deliberately posting this so that tasked to do something of the tension and heat looming so early in the electoral process can do something before it gets worse. There is need for urgent Police patrol backup before 18hrs when voting will close and counting begin. SOS.
Allow Luangwa people to choose a candidate of their choice freely without intimidating them or other political competitors.
Vox populi. Let the voice of the people be heard and respected without violence by and from anyone.

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