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Miles Sampa, Freedom Sikazwe Iron Out Misunderstanding


Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa mentioned State House minister Mr Freedom Sikazwe have resolved their false impression that arose right through the marriage rite of President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, on Saturday.

Mr Sampa, who wrote a grievance word to Mr Sikazwe after allegedly being denied probability to sit down on the identical bench with him at church, says the topic is now water underneath the bridge.

His rationalization is as beneath:

“Yes, he refused me and my partner to sit on a bench; he was with wife and Danny Pule (only) and asked if I was even an Invited guest. We had to go seat somewhere behind. 2 minutes later, the Minister of Health walked over to the same bench, he (Mr Sikazwe) was in front and he allowed them to seat on the same bench. So I walked out of church and went to the Priests office for a note pad and pen. I wrote that note and took to where he was seated. His act spoilt my mood in church and for those questioning why I looked sad (as per some Pic or meme circulating), that was the reason why. In his mind, I am at Cadre level and I and my partner don’t deserve to be at a venue he is at and more so seat on the same bench with him. I was at the Wedding because Patrick and Tasila sent us an invitation card, to which we are grateful. He however called me some time after church to apologise and so that’s water under the bridge from my end. Ba Sikazwe is generally a good person away from work duties and I used to seat next to him in Parliament around 2013.
I however get the feeling that he is amongst those, the few in top position who think painting me black is what will get them look as good performers to powers that be. They have nothing good to say about me, no matter how good I try to act for the party PF, the Government and indeed the President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”