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Mike is Back! Mike Tyson releases new footage of his sparring session


Mike Tyson could be making a remarkable comeback into the ring. The former heavyweight champion has released yet another footage of his training.

Mike Tyson says he’s back and this is 15 years after he retired Mike Tyson recently gave fans a reminder why he is referred to as the baddest man on the planet with a thrilling video of himself training in peak form at 53 years.

Tyson released a footage of himself claiming he wants to make a sensational comeback and this is 15 years after his last professional fight.

It’s been nearly 15 years since Mike Tyson last fought in a professional match.

The former world heavyweight champion retired in 2005, after extending his career too long, but could be back in the more than a decade since he toyed with the gloves.

Just recently, boxing promoter Brian Amatruda claimed he is ready to offer a lumpsum to the former heavyweight champion to come out of retirement and fight either ex-rugby league players Barry Hall and Paul Gallen or All Blacks legend Sonny Williams. The 53-year-old retired boxer has recently disclosed that he is ready to return into the ring as he has been training with MMA mastermind Rafael Cordeiro for a couple of weeks now.

Cordeiro who is the head coach at Kings MMA in California has stated that it will take another five months for Tyson to be in shape for about, however, an offer is already on the cards.

And now Tyson famously known as the ‘baddest man on the planet’ has shown how his training is going, with the former champ finishing it by turning to the camera and announcing ‘I’m back!’ Tyson, fellow Americans Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis dominated the heavyweight division of boxing in the 1990s, but a comeback is never ruled out.

Holyfield, who beat the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ twice, including the fight with the infamous ear biting incident, has also talked about wanting a comeback.

Finally Lewis also got involved, tweeting a cheeky hint that he could also return to the ring, just months after the trio were invited into the ring ahead of Tyson Fury beating Deontay Wilder in February.