Melyssa Ford Confirms Drake Is A Certified Lover Boy: ‘I In point of fact Adored Him’

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Melyssa Ford opens up about her previous romace with ‘Certified Lover Boy‘ Drake.

It turns out ‘Drink Champs‘ is the new place to go to get your liquor on and, more importantly, spill some tea about past relationships. Just ask former video vixen turned reality star Melyssa Ford, as when questioned about her past ‘entanglement’ with Drake, the controversy display host had lots to mention.

Drink Champs is hosted through DJ EFN and N.O.R.E and is now a well-liked medium for superstar visitors to go via, let their hair down with a couple of beverages, and communicate as though there aren’t any cameras round. Featuring a smorgasbord of hashish and different choices for folks to smoke and, in fact, more than a few sorts of alcohol from delicate to the type that places hair to your chest, ‘Drink Champs’ permits visitors to stay “it real” whilst they spill the entire beans they may be able to all the way through the taped classes.

The hosts wasted no time transferring in for the kill with questions such as though Ford and Drake had a sexual courting. One of the male hosts jokingly requested, “So did you guys ‘willy wonka-ed’ at all?” which made Melyssa squeal in disbelief that they if truth be told went there. She then unconsciously began licking her lips which the hosts took as an admission that one thing went down between the 2.

The dialog quickly were given raunchy and a little too actual for Ford after they insisted on delving into whether or not she and Drake, whose actual title is Aubrey Graham and who’s ten years her junior, no less than were given to “third base,” which they frolicked defining as the entirety however penetration.

Stalling for time, she attempted to deflect through pronouncing that as a result of she wore crimson lipstick, she needed to repeatedly re-apply and made a giant manufacturing of re-applying her lipstick whilst they waited for the juicy main points. They, then again, would no longer be dissuaded, so Ford ultimately spoke back.

“Who told you that? Here’s the thing, you’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired. Drake is a Scorpio and I’m a Scorpio and no we actually did not smash. I feel like you men judge each other on your sexual prowess and how much you’ve supposedly ‘taken down.’ I cannot lie, part of the attraction to him is just how smart and cerebral and Canadian he was. We spoke the same non-verbal language and we are both half black, half white. There was just an unspoken language between us and I really truly f**king adored him. I did,” she defined.

Melyssa Ford additionally published that she as soon as had a significant overwhelm on singer AL B. Sure! and dated rapper The Game. She additionally stated {that a} huge choice of rappers, athletes, and stars have approached her previously, however she was once too decided to be identified no longer as anyone’s piece of arm sweet. She sought after her personal title and no longer be related to them, so she was once too guarded so far them.

“I was so terrified to be attached to them and their name and not being able to scale myself based on my talent and what I can and cannot bring to the table. I was so worried that a man’s proximity to me would define that or taint it. As a woman then you had to make it on your own or otherwise be seen as all your achievement was as a result of them,” she added.

Drake has but to answer her admission if he ever will, because the rapper is understood for being relatively personal.


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