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Meghan and Harry interview: Lesson Learnt

Meghan and Harry interview: Lesson Learnt

THE serious and disturbing revelations by Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, about alleged racism within the British royalty has the planet abuzz.

At the outset, let me state that i’m against any sort of royalty or kingship anywhere within the world, including South Africa . These are man-made institutions that elevate a standard person to some sort of superiority that, ultimately, has no value, but some ceremonial purpose.

Any historical significance of such institutions has no place within the times . The so-called “blueblooded” people are simply aristocrats who are bestowed meaningless privilege by those that are nothing quite cultists.

They offer obeisance to a gaggle of individuals who eventually leech off the hard-working taxpayer.

The explosive interview that was aired internationally reveals that, regardless of how far we’ve come as a worldwide society, an innate quality that a lot of people harbour with reference to race and racism will eventually overtake the facade that they masquerade behind.

The fact that a senior member of the royalty was allegedly concerned about the complexion of Markle and “Prince” Harry’s child is stupefying. it’s a mirrored image of how little previous generations have acclimatised to the very fact that race may be a myth. Race is additionally a living reality that consumes them.

When Mandela , or the other black leader or dignitary, visited the “queen” of England, what exactly was running through her mind?

There is evidence that Mandela called the queen by her given name , Elizabeth, during a telephonic conversation together with her , forsaking what’s alleged to be protocol to deal with her as “your royal highness”. which may have petrified her.

Our Mandela was who he was – a person with grace and dignity, but a person who called a spade a spade, albeit the spade was named Elizabeth.

The interview also prised open the lid of the can of human indecency that’s consuming the planet – racism.

“Prince” Harry’s choice marked a sort of heterodoxy when he decided to marry Markle, a lady of so-called “mixed race”.

There were indeed signs that he was never getting to embellish the “royal” family with the dignity of the orthodoxy that it so prided itself on.

Colour mattered, race mattered, and therefore the content of the person’s character, which defines an individual , as noted by Luther King jr, was secondary. This told a tale of its own.

But the planet should note that there’s an abundance of closet racists who roam among us, allegedly in “royal” households too, the so-called wolves in sheep’s clothing, who will look you straight within the eye, paying superficial deference to you but, once the door closes, you become persona non grata.

The interview, while one-sided, (I am expecting Buckingham Palace to deny such allegations), may be a sad indictment on humanity also . Racist attitudes are the bane of human progress everywhere the planet .

It is anathema to all or any things good and it reflects the poverty of a humanity that has been predicated on the perceived “superior” over the perceived “inferior”. Sadly, it’s being championed by people that should know better.

While we in South Africa wrestle with racism, don’t for a flash believe that it’ll suddenly, like some incantation, disappear. we will hope that within the deep recesses of our minds we will believe that we are all equal and act accordingly.

If we are to be honest, racism is here to remain for an extended time to return , in whatever form, and only a radical and genuinely honest paradigm shift in mindset will allow us the chance of being a humanity of individuals who are of equal standing and without prejudice.

Until then, we should always not be surprised or shocked when exposure to racist actions or words are revealed every so often, however unpalatable they could seem.