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MCU plans for Black Panther 2 after the passing of Chadwick Boseman

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The untimely death of the celebrated Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman took the world by shock. Many tributes and farewell messages from fans and Chadwick’s Workmates flooded social media. The Marvel Cinematic Universe also did a video tribute to the King of Wakanda.Why Chadwick Boseman Kept His Sickness Secret, 'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman dies

The question on every MCU’s fan is what next for the Black Panther franchise. Is Marvel going to continue to make the much anticipated Black Panther 2 in wake of the passing away of Chadwick Boseman? Especially since it was announced to be one of the first movies in the pipeline in the next MCU phase.

Speculation has been the order of the day as fans and MCU enthusiasts tried to figure out what direction Marvel would take with regards to Black Panther 2. Here are some of the speculations being thrown around online:

Cancel Black Panther 2 Production

Some were of the notion that we are better of leaving it there and not make Black Panther 2 to preserve Chadwick Boseman’s memory, but that’s highly unlikely as that in no way honours Chadwick. It also doesn’t support the impact Black Panther movie made on the black culture recognition in Hollywood.

Recast Another Black Panther Star

Considering how Marvel recast roles for The Incredible Hulk and Iron Machine after fallouts with the initial actors, it is easy to see why this theory could be a probability. However, those would be very big shoes to fill considering how good of a job Chadwick Boseman had done with the role and also how great of an impact he made to the world. One would say this would risk hurting the franchise if the fans do not accept the actor who would replace Boseman.

Black panther replacement

KillMonger for Black Panther role

Though it seemed obvious that MCU had decided to kill off the Kill Monger character at the end of the first Blck panther movie, speculations have been made that killmonger should become the Black panther in the storyline. Almost sounds like a good idea, MCU has resurrected several characters before, why not Killmonger especially as he was loved by the fans. The theory is he would have atoned and be redeemed for his past sins and since he was the only one who has eaten of “the Black Panther super strength-giving Heart-Shaped Herb” before burning down the garden. It would play nicely into the already set plot of the Wakanda kingdom and fans wouldn’t have a hard time adjusting to this.Black panther Replacement

Shuri to take Black Panther role

This also sounded like a good idea since Shuri was also another fan favourite, however, Shuri has not eaten of the heart-shaped herb. Shuri’s role was a quick fan favourite as she is smart, care-free, and not one for tradition. To transition her into the Queen of Wakanda and the Black Panther may not work well with the character they set up for her. However, if pulled off correctly that transition would make a great story for the Black Panther 2 if they take that direction.Shuri to be Black panther

Marvel’s Real plans for Black panther 2

One thing that we are sure of is that Marvel directors and producers want to honour and be respectful to the memory of Chadwick Boseman the best way they can. This is the reason why they will not recast another actor for the Black Panther character T’Challa. Whatever story they will take we are sure it will start will the passing on of T’Challa in MCU before another already existing character takes on to be king or queen and The Black Panther. Also in the comics there is already a storyline where Shuri takes over the mantle as Black panther, this seems like the clear path Marvel will take.

Who do you think should be the next Black Panther? Shuri, Kill Monger or M’baku